Full name: Jacob Elordi
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6 feet 5 inches
Birth date: June 26, 1997
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
Occupation: Actor, Writer, Model
Years active: 2015-present
Zodiac sign: Cancer


Jacob Elordi was born on June 26, 1997 in Brisbane, Australia where he was also raised. His first acting gig was on stage in Seussical: The Musical as The Cat In The Hat. He was bitten by the acting bug at an early age and developed a love for cinema. He has been quoted saying he visits the cinema twice a week and has been influenced by great actors such as Heath Ledger, James Dean, and Marlon Brando.

Jacob is a graduate of St. Joseph’s College in Nudgee, Brisbane in 2015. He landed is first real film gig as an extra in 2017’s Pirates Of The Caribbean as a red coat marine. He can currently be seen on the Netflix original film, The Kissing Booth, along side Joey King, Molly Ringwald, and Joel Courtney as well as the Australian film Swinging Safari. Both films were released this year. Later this year or early this year (no release date has been set) Jacob will appear in the film The Mortuary Collection.

  • Quick Facts About Jacob

    • He was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia.
    • His zodiac sign is Cancer.
    • His first acting gig was on stage in Seussical: The Musical as The Cat In The Hat.
    • He loves taking photos but doesn’t love having his photo taken.
    • Absolutely despises cooked vegetables.
    • Jacob’s first film gig was as an extra in Pirates Of The Caribbean when I was 17. True story, look for a tall guy in a red coat.
    • Growing up he was heavily influenced in film by guys like Heath Ledger, James Dean, and Marlon Brando.
    • Goes to the cinema at least twice a week.
    • He has a recurring nightmare that features a slim rabbit in a dinner suit though he says it’s not Donnie Darko-esque.
    • On the set of The Kissing Booth he learned how to ride a motorbike and has been obsessed since.
    • He loves his mama!
    • He has a sister.
    • Jacob graduated from St. Joseph’s College in Nudgee, Brisbane, in 2015.