Carpe Liam

Character: Liam

Directed by: Emma Dunlop

Written by: Julian Sundstrom

Produced by: Sheri Mimis

Cast Members: Rebecca Bellavia, Jane Drinkwater, Ryan Hance, Kelly Hetherington

Released date: April 18, 2015

Genre: Short, Drama

Liam Hunter's living the life... the life of a young man whose over-controlling mother just cannot let her 'baby' think for himself, and whose housemate is on his way to becoming a human bong. Yeah. That sort of life. But when an opportunity to escape overseas and into the career of his dreams arises, Liam finds himself in a race against time to pull-off the impossible - fulfilling his destiny without his mother knowing and doing it successfully while dealing with his housemate and the horrors of university sharehouses. Through clever use of dramatic storytelling in a comedic fashion, CARPE LIAM address the trials and tribulations every adolescent faces; growing up, standing up for yourself, and trying to seize the day before your mother does.

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