“2 Hearts” Lands UK Release Date

24 Jan 2021

From Yahoo! Movies:

2 Hearts is the upcoming romantic drama from The Kissing Booth and Euphoria star Jacob Elordi. Riverdale star, Tiera Skovbye will play Elordi’s love interest.

The movie looks at different moments in time and will also tell the story of another couple, played by Narcos star Adan Canto and Man on Fire star Radha Mitchell.

Inspired by a true story, 2 Hearts is a personal love story that will be available just in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s set for release via digital download on February 8.

2 Hearts is based around the love stories of two couples from different decades and different places. However, through a mysterious connection, the couples will come together in an unexpected way.

One love story is based around Chris Gregory (Elordi), a college student who falls in love with one of his caring classmates named Sam (Skovbye). The second love story is about a Cuban exile named Jorge (Canto), who falls in love with a flight attendant named Leslie (Mitchell).

The film is based on a book titled All My Tomorrows: A Story of Tragedy, Transplant and Hope by Eric Gregory.

The book is about Eric’s son Chris, who was a college student with his whole life ahead of him. One night, during a conversation, Chris’ parents found out that he opted in to become an organ donor after he passes away.

Unfortunately, Chris then collapsed and died of an aneurysm unexpectedly, which left his parents devastated. Eric wrote this book to share the stories of the people he’s met who were recipients of his son’s organs.

2 Hearts will be available for digital download on February 8, 2021.

Written by Emily

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