Press/Photos: Young Hollywood Impact Report 2018

The talent — aged 25 and under — on Variety’s annual list are platform agnostic (and so are the adult reps on the list who’ve impacted the careers of young performers). Showbiz finds stars almost anywhere — and it’s an exciting time when YouTubers move into traditional, while the music biz can mine various platforms for exciting new talent. On our Up Next report, we focus on talent poised for a breakthrough.

Elordi got his big break this summer as Noah Flynn in Netflix hit “The Kissing Booth”— the film Netflix boss Ted Sarandos says one in three viewers re-watch. “In hindsight, I think this movie struck a chord because it’s just pure enjoyment,” Elordi says. The Aussie, who grew up breaking down scripts like “Blue Valentine” for fun, will appear next in tearjerker “2 Hearts,” horror anthology series “The Mortuary Collection” and HBO ensemble drama “Euphoria.” “I got into that three weeks before ‘Kissing Booth’ got released, and it was my dream job straightaway. It’s like a cacophony of madness,” Elordi says of the series produced by Drake.