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Jacob Elordi Is So Dramatic

Jacob Elordi Is So Dramatic

In Euphoria, Australian actor Jacob Elordi’s character, Nate, is a case study in American teenage toxic masculinity, a complete 180 from the more conventionally romantic role in his breakthrough film, The Kissing Booth. Off-screen, however, the 23-year-old embodies something of a new type of masculinity unbothered by convention. Perhaps it’s because he spent parts of his childhood dressed in a curly wig and wearing red lipstick. For W’s annual Best Performances issue, Elordi, who is set to appear in the upcoming Deep Water, discusses his first kiss, audiences’ reactions to his role as Nate, and his early crush on Orlando Bloom in The Lord of the Rings.

Have you wanted to be an actor your whole life, or was that a sudden desire?
I think subconsciously, my whole life I wanted to be an actor, because I demanded all the attention from my parents and friends and people around me. Probably from when I was 12, I started doing musical theater. I did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Seussical. From there I took drama classes. And then from about 15, there was not much else for me to do.

Were you a dramatic child?
Yeah, still am. I still am a dramatic child, for sure.

You’d start singing in the middle of public places?
No, I don’t think I would call myself a theater kid necessarily, who just starts whooping out ballads and songs. I’m more dramatic like in a drama movie. I’ll make everything 10 times more intense, serious, or heartbreaking than it needs to be.

You’re the baby of a large family. Did your sisters dress you up like a doll?
I think it was all of us dressing up. My mom has videos of me with this great ginger curly wig, with red lipstick on, and my sister’s purse. I don’t remember ever resenting it or putting up much of a fight.

Head over to the W Magazine website to read the rest of the interview!

Photos: On Set of ‘Euphoria’

Photos: On Set of ‘Euphoria’

I’ve added a handful of new photos of Jacob on the set of the first season of Euphoria into the gallery. Check them out!

Photos: ‘Euphoria’ 1×10 Screen Captures

Photos: ‘Euphoria’ 1×10 Screen Captures

I’ve just added screen captures from this weekend’s special episode of Euphoria into the gallery.

‘Euphoria: Special Episode Part 2 – Jules’ Trailer

Part 2 – Jules will premiere January 24th at 9pm EST on HBO and will be available to stream the same day!

HBO Sets Premiere Date for First ‘Euphoria’ Special Episode

HBO Sets Premiere Date for First ‘Euphoria’ Special Episode

“Euphoria” fans will have to wait well into next year for season 2, but in the meantime, HBO has officially confirmed two special episodes of the popular teen drama.

The first is set to air Sunday, Dec. 6 on the premium cabler, before heading to stream on HBO Max. Both episodes were produced under COVID-19 guidelines, according to sources.

Titled “Trouble Don’t Last Always,” the first episode will find Rue (Zendaya) in the aftermath of being left by Jules (Hunter Schafer) at the train station and relapsing. The episode, written and helmed by series creator Sam Levinson, follows Rue as she celebrates Christmas. HBO will reveal the title, plot and date for the second episode at a later date.

News of the specials comes almost exactly a month after Zendaya wowed the TV world with her stunning Emmys win. She will be joined in the first special by Colman Domingo, reprising his role as recovering addict Ali from season 1.

Zendaya confirmed the news via social media, tweeting, “We really missed them. Two special ‘Euphoria episodes coming soon.”

Alongside Levinson, “Euphoria” is executive produced by Ravi Nandan, Kevin Turen, Drake, Future the Prince, Hadas Mozes Lichtenstein, Ron Leshem, Daphna Levin, Tmira Yardeni, Mirit Toovi, Yoram Mokady and Gary Lennon. Will Greenfield serves as a co-executive producer.

The show is produced in partnership with A24 and based on the Israeli series of the same name, which was created by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin, from Hot. It was nominated for six Emmys total, carrying home three statuettes during the virtual ceremony back in Sept. Other than Zendaya’s performance, “Euphoria” also won for contemporary makeup and original music and lyrics.